Praise for the 2016 Kentucky Women Writers Conference


“This is my fourth KWWC and I am continually impressed with the quality of the experience! Julie Wrinn and her team do a fabulous job of planning and organizing these events. Thank you!” —Nancy Fox, Longwood, FL

“It was truly was a transformative experience.” —Elizabeth Mosier; read her blog post about KWWC2016 here:

“I thought this was a remarkably well-organized, engaging, and helpful conference.” —Joyce Hinnefeld, Bethlehem, PA

“This was the first time I attended a writing conference since my daughters were born nearly eight years ago, and the conference exceeded my expectations and then some. . . I particularly appreciated Julie Wrinn’s interview of Mary Karr. She did an outstanding job providing such interesting insight into her work. Thanks again for the great experience at KWWC2016!” —Melissa Fraterrigo, Lafayette, IN

“Wonderful conference. I will recommend it! I am so glad that diversity is of such manifest importance to the conference organizers. It was not something I’d known to expect, and so I was extra impressed. —Ellie Des Prez, St. Louis, MO

“Danielle Dutton was a generous, well-prepared, excellent workshop leader. Her exercises were well-selected, and she made pertinent recommendations for further reading. Wide-ranging in content, a generative experience! She is a perfect fit for the conference. — registrant from Chesterbrook, PA