Praise for the 2019 Conference

“The KWWC team leads with the heart. They didn't miss a detail in organizing the conference weekend. My workshop partners were a talented, imaginative, skilled, and diverse group of storytellers. We connected in ways that formed new friendships. KWWC was splendid in every way. Thank you.”  —Darlene Taylor, Washington, DC

“This conference is worth a trip from anywhere!” —Monica Hanna, New York City

“This has been a stimulating and yet relaxing experience. I appreciate all the support.” —Sharon Blevins, Bowling Green, KY

“The workshop with DaMaris Hill exceeded my expectations—so energetic and full of brilliant ideas. The conference was very nice and everyone was very friendly. It really helped that there were so many board members around to help us. There was always someone available to answer questions.” —Ione Singletary, Nashville

“This is a great conference and a wonderful service to writers. I met so many fabulous writers, and I look forward to connecting with many of them afterwards.” —anonymous from Nashville

“Jane Alison’s workshop was wonderful—I found it the most inspiring and helpful of any workshop I’ve attended at this conference. Jane had a wealth of examples and exercises and taught us a lot about techniques for manipulating time, structuring a narrative, etc. I think she inspired all of us to write, and on the second day every single attendee brought something to read to the group.”—Josephine Greenfield, Lexington, KY

“Dorianne Laux’s and Antonya Nelson’s craft talks were excellent. Really great, practical advice, down-to-earth sensibility, and beautiful writing.” —Carly Weinreb, New York City