2014 reading: Jill McCorkle

Jill McCorkle reads from her novel Life After Life, with introduction and Q & A by Kim Edwards.

2014 craft talk: Rebecca Makkai

Novelist Rebecca Makkai delivers “Ending It All,” a craft talk on endings in fiction.

2013 interview: Ada Limon

On a recent episode of WUKY's "UK Perspectives," Kentucky Women Writers Conference director Julie Wrinn speaks with nationally renowned writer Ada Limón, one of this year's judges of the National Book Award in poetry.

2013 reading: Jennifer Haigh and Claire Dederer

Jennifer Haigh reads her short story “Favorite Son,” and Claire Dederer reads from her memoir, Poser.

2013 readings: Kia Corthron

Playwright Kia Corthron performs short plays Megastasis and Trickle and reads from her novel, The Castle Cross the Magnet Carter. Introduced by Herman Farrell.

2012 readings: Julia Johnson and Kim Addonizio

Poetry from recent collections by Julia Johnson and Kim Addonizio, introduced by Kimberly Miller.

2012 readings: Kelly Link and Karen Joy Fowler

Kelly Link reads from her short story “Two Houses,” and Karen Joy Fowler reads from her forthcoming novel “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.” The authors are friends and introduce each other: Fowler introduces Link, Link reads, Link introduces Fowler, and Fowler reads.

2012 craft talk: Kim Addonizio

Poet Kim Addonizio’s craft talk is entitled “Surprise Me: Poetry and the Unexpected.”