2012 craft talk: Kim Addonizio

Poet Kim Addonizio’s craft talk is entitled “Surprise Me: Poetry and the Unexpected.”

2012 publishing seminar: Stella Parks

Food writer and pastry chef Stella Parks speaks on “Cooking a Book: Developing a Nonfiction Book Proposal and Making the Leap from Blogger to Author.”

2011 readings: Jan Isenhour

The Stars with accents readings, part 2, moderated by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer

2011 reading: Susan Stewart

Poetry from Red Rover and Columbarium by Susan Stewart, introduced by Lisa Williams.

2011 craft talk: Susan Stewart

On the craft of translating poetry, with examples from Stewart’s translations of the Italian poet Alda Merini, collected in Love Lessons.

2011 reading: Danzy Senna

Senna reads the short story “Admission,” from her recent collection, You Are Free

2011 panel: Jennifer Chang, Simone Muench, Patricia Smith, and Lisa Williams

A panel discussion on “Poems Breaking into Stories/Stories Breaking into Poems,” introduced and moderated by Lisa Williams.

2010 reading: Patricia Smith

At the Gypsy Poetry Slam, Patricia Smith performs work from her forthcoming collection, Shoulda Been Jimi Savannah.

2010 craft talk: Heather Sellers

The author of You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know speaks about “Page After Page: Inspiration Meets Craft: 10 Tips for Finishing Your Book.”