NYC Literary Agent & Author Erin Hosier

August 7, 2020

Literary agents have singular insight into the many complex and mysterious aspects of the business of publishing. They understand the perspectives of both writers and editors and work to find a concert of interests in the business proposition that is a book contract. They can seem like unapproachable gurus, until you actually meet one and realize that they are a bastion of literary culture and true champions of their authors. For all of these reasons, the Kentucky Women Writers Conference wouldn’t be complete without the participation of a leading literary agent, and this year we are thrilled to announce that this role will be filled by someone who is both an agent and an author herself, Erin Hosier. 
Agent & author Erin Hosier

Erin will lead two sessions at KyWomenWriters2020 wearing her agent’s hat:

  • The Market for Memoir vs. Autofiction: Owning Your Story, Owning Your Voice
  • First Page Critiques: Creating a World in 300 Words or Less

She will also provide one-on-one manuscript consultations via Zoom for an additional fee, and several slots are still available.
During last month’s Kentucky Women Writers Radio Hour, Erin talked about her memoir, Don’t Let Me Down, with Board member Patrice Muhammad, archived at this link (their conversation begins at 37:30). Erin was raised in rural Ohio by lapsed hippies who traded 1960s rock ’n’ roll for 1950s-era Christian hymns. Don’t Let Me Down is about family secrets and a girl trying to escape from small-town small-mindedness. Erin explained the title’s reference to the Beatles’ song: “I saw that as a plea, the bond between child and parent, and also parent and child. The parent doesn’t want the child to let them down, and the child doesn’t want the parent to let them down.”

She also spoke about another Beatle’s hit, “All You Need Is Love,” in light of the pandemic and uprisings of 2020: “I don’t think love is all you need. I think that can be a real excuse. It’s about empathy, and listening, and knowing when to embrace love but not exploit love. I’m just so passionate about getting past ‘we’re all one’ and ‘we’re all in this together,’ those kinds of blanket statements that have not worked for our culture. Seriously, now is the time for some of us who had the mic for so long to step aside and listen, pay attention, and change. And I think that’s a really exciting concept. I mean, sometimes anger is all you need to get things moving forward.”

I hope you will join us on September 10–13 to hear more from Erin and the rest of our amazing authors. Hard to believe, it's just five weeks away!
Julie Wrinn
P.S. Dates for KyWomenWriters2020 will be Sept. 10–13, 2020, and registration began on July 1, 2020. For more information, please visit our website or call 859-257-2874. To unsubscribe from this newsletter, please email your request to