The Sonia Sanchez Series

The Sonia Sanchez Series honors the indelible spirit of the poet and her many visits to the neighborhoods of Lexington by bringing a major thinker whose writing impacts Black culture and social justice issues. She participates in the Kentucky Woman Writers Conference and gives a keynote address, free and open to the community. The series is chaired by Patrice K. Muhammad, who is founder and editor of the Key Newsjournal, serving Central Kentucky’s Black community since 2004, and host of the syndicated talk radio program Key Conversations.

Sonia Sanchez

Past Presenters in the Sonia Series

2019     Ifa Bayeza

2018     Carolyn Finney

2017     Melynda J. Price

2016      Ursula Rucker

2015      Sonia Sanchez (10th anniversary of the series)

2014      Asha Bandele

2013      Kia Corthron

2012      dream Hampton

2011      Tananarive Due

2010      Valerie Wilson Wesley

2009      Gina McCauley

2008      Kim Osorio

2007      Jessica Care Moore

2006      The Urban Bush Women & Sonia Sanchez

2005      Elaine Brown