Praise for the 2018 Conference

“Once again, a terrific, stimulating, thought-provoking experience. Great speakers, sensible schedule, well-managed details and logistics. Superb (and I’ve been to all the conferences.) Also, just the right size, not a mob scene. –anonymous from Richmond, VA

“I want to thank the board and the conference planners for the incredible experience I had at the 2018 event. I met so many wonderful writers, poets and literary professionals. I made friends with people across the U.S. and as far as Australia. As a mid-career writer, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned at this event. And Sherry Thomas, the fiction writer who led my workshop, was simply amazing!!!! –Ifalade TaShia Asanti, Palm Springs, CA

“Absolute highlight of 2018 was being part of the Kentucky Women Writers Conference and meeting and listening to Carolyn Finney, Tarfia Faizullah, Jane Friedman (a super warm soul) and the amazing Mary Gaitskill. Lexington is a place of fascinating intersections. Thanks so much to Julie Wrinn and the team for a great experience.” –Pamela Greet, Queensland, Australia

“What impressed me about KWWC was the seriousness and enthusiasm for good writing of the people I met there. And it did make a difference for me that it was all women. For the first time, I realized that in Grub Street and other classes I’ve taken, I’ve held the assumption that the men in the room were the heavy hitters. But at KWWC, I saw women as the power in the room, and they were terrific.” –Lia Oppedisano, Massachusetts

"You do a really great job with the KWWC! I’ve been so impressed with the conference since I started attending three years ago. The memoir workshop with Angela Palm was the best memoir workshop I’ve ever been to. In fact, I’ve already written a draft of an essay based on the work we did in class. Kudos to you and your staff for continually finding ways to help us grow as writers and network with other writers. I’m a single mother of a 10-year old and a 7-year-old, so my time is limited, but I am so glad I mark off time for this conference."  –Shelley Bendall, Lexington, Kentucky

"You were incredibly resourceful at rolling with weather-related changes [Hurricane Maria]. It was fabulous. I’ll definitely come again. And the genre lunch was brilliant (thanks, Ashley!) [board member Ashley McGraw]. It was a great, supportive conference.” –Lynne Lampe of Columbia, Missouri

"What a wonderful experience—as always. The conference fosters an atmosphere flexible enough for magic moments to take place: moving readings, new voices, contact with other writers. I like the conversations and range of ages represented by participants." –anonymous from Lexington, KY

"This was fabulous. I love the venue, the just-right size, the positive vibe, and the focus on both developing work and publishing." –anonymous

Lexington and venues were a delight. One of the most diverse groups of the conferences I’ve been too—keep up the good work. –anonymous