A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing

June 7, 2019
Worldwide interest in DaMaris Hill’s new book of poetry, A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing, has meant a grand old-fashioned book tour such as you don’t often see anymore. From D.C. to Philly, Baltimore to Atlanta, California to Chicago and 3 different cities in France, DaMaris Hill is getting around. So we are thrilled that she is coming to KyWomenWriters2019 as well to share her work as a historical poet and a poetic historian. Explaining her impulse on the Writer’sBone podcast, DaMaris said, “I like to look at these poems like they’re praise songs to these women.”
DaMaris is also a gifted teacher, as her students at the University of Kentucky can attest, and now our audiences will have an opportunity to take a poetry workshop with DaMaris that focuses on the all-important process of revision:
Remix and Making Poems New—A Revision Workshop. Do you have a dead poem? A piece of poetry that seems flat and does not meet your expectations of beauty or craft? Don’t throw that poem out; remix it. In this workshop, we will talk about how to analyze and revise poems. We will open by discussing our ideas about poetry, inspiration, and constraints. Good writing is superior to ideas of genre, and hybrid writing--the literary weirdo and misfit--is some of the best writing. We will discuss how to manipulate the genre constraints of poetry in order to create new writing from old work.
Slots are still available through our online registration system at https://womenwriters.as.uky.edu/register
This is also the final weekend for online submissions to our Betty Gabehart contest, which are now due by midnight on Sunday, June 9, at this link: https://womenwriters.as.uky.edu/gabehart-prizes. Writers, emerge!