Previous Winners

Congratulations to winners from past years:


  • Lupita Eyde-Tucker of Palm Bay, Florida, for “How to Ride a Train in the Andes” and other poems
  • Monica Hanna of Long Island, NY, for the short story, “In the Name of the Father”
  • Pamela Parker of Mayfield, Kentucky for the essay, “Memento Mori, Memento Vivere."


  • Reva Russell English of Lexington, KY for the short story “Gula, Big and Tall”
  • Cindy King of St. George, Utah, for “Navigation” and other poems
  • Jane Marcellus of Murfreesboro, TN for “Edging Toward Normal” (memoir excerpt)


  • Deborah Reed Downing of Metairie, LA, for the short story "Fish and Wildlife"
  • Ann V. DeVilbiss of Louisville, KY, for "Consumption" and other poems
  • Mary Jean Kledzik of Norfolk, VA, for the essay "Return to Chicago"


  • Amie Whittemore for “The Animal Eyes Grow Dark” and other poems
  • Laura Nagle for the short story “Planet of One”
  • Jessica Hindman for the memoir excerpt Sounds Like Titanic


  • Deborah Bernhardt for "Oil" and other poems
  • Theresa Dowell Blackinton for the story "Next Time, the Whale"
  • Katherine McCord for an excerpt from her memoir, And One More Thing About the CIA


  • Emily Rose Cole for "Her Cancer into Harvest" and other poems
  • Amanda Kabak for the story "Over the Rainbow"
  • Shuly Cawood for the essay "An Unexpected Light"


  • D. S. Davies for the essay "Three Places"
  • Kim Lozano for the short story "Just Married"
  • Jennifer Militello for "A Dictionary at the Periphery" and other poems


  • Patti White of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for the poem "Lipstick"
  • Rebecca Keller of Oak Park, Illinois, for the short story "The Widows Walk"
  • Jen Hirt of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for creative nonfiction, "Glow in the Dark"


  • Theresa Dowling of Silver Spring, Maryland, for the short story "To Live Without Air"
  • Sara J. Grossman of Somerset, New Jersey, for the poem "Anatomy of a Field"
  • Marya Smith of Elizabeth, Illinois, for creative nonfiction, "Straddling Centuries with a Jam Dish"


  • Joyce Latham of Silver Spring, Maryland, for the poem "Points of Light"
  • Elaine Fowler Palencia of Champaign, Illinois, for the short story "Fast Food"
  • Mariam Williams of Louisville, Kentucky, for creative nonfiction, "The Call I May Never Make"


  • Lisa Dordal of Nashville, Tennessee, for the poem "Commemoration"
  • Natalie Sypolt of Kingwood, West Virginia, for the short story "Ruined Water"
  • Emma Bolden of Georgetown, Kentucky, for creative nonfiction, "Nesting"


  • E. Gail Chandler of Shelbyville, Kentucky, for the poem "One Room School"
  • Lisa K. Buchanan of San Francisco for the short story "One the Eve of Departure"
  • Kelly Bancroft of Youngstown, Ohio, for creative nonfiction, "Singer Sewing Machine No. 66"


  • Kate Buckley of Laguna Beach, California, for the poem "Dead Horse Trail"
  • Bev Olert of Paris, Kentucky, for the short story "Unbroken Chain"
  • Donna McClanahan of Irvine, Kentucky, for creative nonfiction, "Blackberries"